Was chelsea handler dating 50 cent

“Let’s talk about your single situation,” Mc Cormack joked, trying to work out the reason for the comedienne’s love trouble. I was thinking about who you dated.” She began listing the men the talk show host had been out with: TV exec Ted Harbert followed by “a buff Canadian animal trainer.” “He threw me around,” Handler said with a laugh. It doesn’t make any sense.” So Handler came up with a solution: “Maybe I’ll start dating a bitch,” she responded.

“And then just when you think you know where you stand, you throw in – I call him Curtis – it’s Fitty [50 Cent],” Mc Cormack, who stars in the new NBC sitcom , went on to say.

'Jenna's comment had both of them leaning over and clutching their stomachs while laughing over her frank question. ' Jenna finally responded, but Chelsea made it clear that she was being complimentary. 'I have always thought your dad's cute.'The twins were surprised to hear this, and the talk show host joked: 'Well, I mean I didn't know how to bring it up. I mean listen, obviously he was cuter 20 years ago, but you know what I am saying.'Chelsea went on to share a photo of their father and grandfather at in Houston for Game 5 of the World Series, where George W.

threw the first pitch decked out in Astros gear, and Jenna gushed about their home state. It was one of the most memorable moments of my life because everyone was so nervous,' she said.

“That was fun though,” Handler said of the rapper who she briefly dated in 2010.

The Bush twins had Chelsea Handler in stitches during their appearance on her Netflix show, but some of the sisters' fans are downright angry about their interview with the liberal comedian.

She revealed the cover on the Jay Leno show, saying she “trained” hard for the shoot by quitting drinking “for like a day and a half.” Chelsea dated Comcast Entertainment Group CEO Ted Harbert for years. She since has dated rapper 50 Cent and property manager Andre Balazs.

Rumors of a long-ago-recorded sex tape swirled in 2010, and although Chelsea confirmed it existed, it was not released.

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'We've never been in the private part,' Jenna joked.However, both sisters have made it clear that they are not supporters of President Trump. Plenty of online trolls slammed the Bush family in the comments section in the same way people criticized Chelsea on Jenna's post.'Really?While people shamed the twins for appearing on Chelsea's show, they insisted that the comedian hates their father George W. Making billions off a fake war at the cost of young American lives, while flushing our economy down the toilet for their own gain? Despite the ire, there were also those who were happy to see three accomplished women putting politics aside and coming together.Sad time in our country and you decide to take a cheap shot,' responded Omar Navarro, a Republican candidate for Congress in California.'Conservative Christians were the ones targeted! That chick is LONELY and MEAN,' wrote fellow comedian Owen Benjamin.Handler is the host of a weekly talk show on Netflix.

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