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In the play Socrates is consulted by an old rogue, Strepsiades (“Twisterson”), who wants to evade his debts.

The instruction at Socrates’ academy, the Phrontisterion (“Thinking Shop”), which consists of making a wrong argument sound right, enables Strepsiades’ son to defend the beating of his own father.

) depicts the seizure of the Acropolis and of the treasury of Athens by the city’s women who, at Lysistrata’s instigation, have, together with all the women of Greece, declared a sex strike until such time as the men will make peace.However, as a result of a competition arranged between Euripides and his great predecessor, Aeschylus, Dionysus is won over to the latter’s cause and returns to earth with Aeschylus instead, as the one more likely to help Athens in its troubles.Tim has an honours degree in philosophy and is an internationally respected authority on world spirituality.This play was staged seven months or so after both Cleon and Brasidas—the two main champions of the war policy on the Athenian and Spartan sides, respectively—had been killed in battle and, indeed, only a few weeks before the ratification of the ) the war-weary farmer Trygaeus (“Vintager”) flies to heaven on a monstrous dung beetle to find the lost goddess Peace, only to discover that the God of War has buried Peace in a pit.With the help of a chorus of farmers, Trygaeus rescues her, and the play ends with a joyful celebration of marriage and fertility. Peisthetaerus (“Trusty”) is so disgusted with his city’s bureaucracy that he persuades the birds to join him in building a new city that will be suspended in between heaven and earth; it is named Nephelokokkygia, translatable as “Cloud-cuckoo-land.” The city is built, and Peisthetaerus and his bird comrades must then fend off the undesirable humans who want to join them in their new utopia.

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